2ndChain -online service connects suppliers to online retailers.

What is 2ndChain?

2ndChain is an online service, which connects suppliers to online retailers.

2ndChain catalog contains hundreds of thousands of articles from hundreds of different suppliers. The service allows online retailers to expand their product range with a single click, without start-up nor operating costs. 2ndChain is adding value by saving time and effort by automating the product information management (PIM) and order fulfillment processes. 

2ndChain is compatible with many known e-commerce platforms, which allows online retailer to implement the service quickly and without expensive integration projects. Due to the easy accessibility, new online retailers are constantly joining 2ndChain.

2ndChain for a supplier

For a supplier, 2ndChain acts as a Customer Facing App (CFA); allowing the supplier to efficiently distribute its product portfolio to numerous specialty stores, and manage its sales network from a single user interface. As an example, distribution of clothing; horse-themed clothes are popular in riding specialty outlets, dog-themed in pet supply stores, etc.one port to global e-commerce


More information: 

Jussi Huovinen
Managing Director
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